The impact on our lives is and will be entire, includes all parts of our existence, affects all human beings. It was same with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd revolution. There are amazing opportunities and chances, mankind never had. Yes, there are threads, there are anxieties, there are uncertainties and we all have to take care of.

We should find new ways, how civil society, enterprises. governments, religions and other parties will work together, will collaborate, share their capacities, skills and – very important – their working time, chances to work to build own existences, to be free.

Satya Nadella (CEO Microsoft) and Brad Smith (President Microsoft) are demanding a “trustful”, “responsible” and “inclusive” cloud. Yes, that is not only true for cloud computing, it is a requirement for the all aspects of the digitalization. We need to care for jobs on all levels, for people, who are not (yet) that ready for technology. We can and will not afford a “on-off” society, exclude entire communities.

The opportunities are bright to overcome some of the very tough questions, our planet has. We have to start with this new thinking and reflecting in our families, friends, communities, companies, states. New models of co-operations between different stakeholders and responsible persons to give answers to major questions, intense prejudices. New job profile will be available, but we have to help our existing employees to transfer, to learn, to take over. And what, if this is not successful? It is our duty to find solutions, sometimes, we will be successful and – realistically – sometimes fail.

I am convinced, that, at least in our small community of Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland, we are starting with this transformation. The discussions during/after the last “Wirtschaftsforum” have been very intensive, first feedback demonstrates, that something is going on. Let’s take the chance, the momentum to change, to think and – most important – to DO, realize. This duty is not only for enterprise leaders, it is for leaders in politics, religion, education, government etc…. and for us all. We all are “stakeholders” of the fourth Industrial revolution – actively or passively. Let’s take the chance! Don’t wait!


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