Intentionally informal in the context of discussions with defined objectives, questions and uncertainties should be addressed openly and in an unadorned manner in a confidential circle and answered as precisely as possible.

MIT Coaching GmbH has not only accompanied companies in the use of ICT and the associated transformation processes for over 20 years, but also has its own experience from the activities of the operating group companies. Despite many years of continuous innovation and change, the Board of Directors triggered a disruptive transformation of the entire Group in 2015 following a lengthy preparation period involving the involvement of all stakeholders. Benefit from our misconceptions, our leadership and implementation mistakes, our experiences and conclusions.

Use the will to change for targeted steps in favor of your customers and the company. Do not wait for anyone! The process of change and digitization is a matter for the leader.

In addition, use our workshop to get a different perspective, perhaps as a supplement to your trusted advisor, not as a replacement but as a second opinion, as a benchmark of ideas to be discussed.


Option 1: ca. 1.5-2.5h workshop, 1-2h preparation; Additional expenses on billing; excluding expenses/travel: CHF 1’000

Option 2: ca. 3-5h workshop, ca. 2h-3h preparation: Additional expenses on billing; excluding expenses/travel: CHF 2’000

Option 3: not the format you are looking for? Please contact us!

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In case you are interested or want a customized form of implementation, we are looking forward to hearing from you via e-mail or phone +41 79 416 50 70.

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