Executive Management and Board of Directors: Are you ready for the Digital Transformation?

Digitization is a global media topic. A hype? Data and information seem to be unlimited. The new gold or the big threat? The claims of Company 4.0 and thus our customers, guests and patients are contradictory. Convenience, tailor-made deals diametrically opposed to privacy. How can employees become enthusiastic about the use of digitalization tools? Is that really age-dependent or not?

  • What does that mean for our company?
  • Downsides?
  • I know everything and nothing – the famous and only counting first step to action
  • How can I benefit from others’ mistakes already made? Do better? Catch up on the backlog
  • Anything further?

Strategic ICT Planning

Strategic ICT Planning (short: SIP) should be an integral part of the development of the Company’s Business Strategy. We believe, that ICT strategy planning has two major goals to fulfill: First, enable process operations to keep the daily business running within the budgeted cost and the demandedquality. But that is not sufficient by itself. It is our personal ambition as a second goal to support our customers to leverage ICT opportunities to offer their clients and partners an advantage against competitors, to be better or faster in doing business or to gain a more competitive profit position.
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Informal Workshop

We offer customer-tailored workshops for executive management and the board of directs. Intentionally informal in the context of discussions with defined objectives, questions and uncertainties should be addressed openly and in an unadorned manner in a confidential circle and answered as precisely as possible.
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