Get more out of your business data

We are in the age of digital transformation and we can analyze and use the data collected to optimize processes, develop new products and services, make informed decisions, and improve the customer experience.

Data Analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning – a set of tools that help us get more out of your business data. The basic idea is always the same: to better understand the data collected, to classify it and to make statements about the future (so-called predictions). These predictions are available at any time and can then be independently sourced and used, or integrated directly into your decision making or company processes.

Increase your competitiveness with (Big) Data Analytics.

Use of Data Analytics, a few examples

Increased productivity through higher awareness during work

  • The tool that gives your employees individual insights into their own way of working and promotes productive behavioral patterns. (more information)

Sound decision-making

  • The algorithm that makes optimization suggestions for your product based on user data.

Cost savings through process optimization

  • Monitoring that automatically detects and predicts problems.
  • Software that automates the customization of your product to the customer.

Our Offering

MIT Coaching GmbH accompanies companies that want to use their business data for successful data-based solutions and decisions through all stages, from the idea up to the implementation:

  1. Vision & Target
    Through a workshop we will analyze together with you where and how you can use Data Analytics for your company and define goals of your Data Analytics Initiative.
  2. Prototyping
    We are conducting a feasibility study to review the use of data analytics and machine learning for the intended use case.
  3. Model & Build
    The project will be modeled and implemented based on state-of-the-art algorithms and common practice, depending on the business scope in cooperation with our partners.
  4. Rollout & Maintenance
    Joint deployment of your application, training of users and decision makers, support for maintenance and further development.

We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities of Data Analytics and Machine Learning in a personal conversation – use this great potential for your company!

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